Vegetable Egg Omelette Recipe | Healthy Egg Omelette Recipe

You can make Vegetable Egg Omelette Recipe in an easy way at home. I just Try to show you the shortest and healthy way to make healthy vegetable egg omelet.

Sometimes we haven’t much time to make breakfast in bachelor life or separated life if you watch and follow this recipe just trust me I am sure you can make it easier.

Vegetable Egg Omelette Recipe
Vegetable Egg Omelette Recipe

I have used ingredients that you can buy in your local market. So just try it at your home and share it’s taste to us by commenting and also don’t forget to like, share and subscribe my channel.

This recipe is easy and healthy for your breakfast.


1. Egg ————————————— —-3pcs
2. Red Chili Powder —————————–1/2 tsp
3. Turmeric Powder —————————–1/2tsp
4. Salt to Taste
5. Black Pepper Powder ————————1/2 tsp
6. Cumin and coriander powder —————1tsp
7. Onion Sliced ———————————1/2 cup
8. Sliced Potato ———————————1/2 cup
9. Chopped Green Chili ————————-1Tbs
10. Chopped Coriander ————————-1Tbs
11. Sliced Cabbage —————————–1/2cup
12. Carrot & Beans —————————–1/2cup
13. Basil —————————————–1Tbs
14. Vegetable oil ——————————–1/2cup


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