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15 July, 2018

Mutton Curry Recipe – Bengali Style Mutton Curry

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Mutton Curry Recipe – Bengali Style Mutton Curry

A simple and easy recipe is Mutton curry recipe. Mutton Curry means in Bengali “khashir mangsher jhol”. It is a very famous dish in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India.

Mutton Curry Recipe Video

Today, I have tried to show you gravy mutton curry Indian and Bangladeshi style. In this mutton curry recipe, I have used Mutton, Potatoes and various types of spices. I am sure if follow my recipe, you will get real mutton curry’s taste at home.


1. Mutton ——————————————————————– 1Kg
2. Turmeric powder —————————————————– 1.5tsp
3. Chili powder ———————————————————— 2tsp
4. Coriander powder ————————————————— 1tsp
5. Garlic paste ———————————————————— 2tsp
6. Ginger paste ———————————————————– 2tsp
7. Cumin paste ———————————————————– 2tsp
8. Green chili ————————————————————– 4pcs
9. Bay leaf —————————————————————— 2pcs
10. Cardamom ———————————————————– 9pcs
11. Cinnamon (Medium) ——————————————– 4pcs
12. Black Cardamom ————————————————- 2pcs
13. Alu Bukhara ——————————————————— 1pc
14. Clove ——————————————————————- 3pcs
15. Cumin —————————————————————– 1pc
16. Roasted Garlic —————————————————- 3pcs
17. Jayotri & Jayple paste ————————————— 1/2tsp
18. Salt to taste
19. Sliced onion ——————————————————– 200g
20. Vegetable oil ——————————————————- 1cup

Now mix well

Marinate for 1 hour

Then cook it on a pressure cooker

Finally, Enjoy the tasty and gravy Bengali style mutton curry.

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