Mix Vegetable Pakora┬áRecipe – Vegetable Pakora Recipe

Today’s recipe is Mix Vegetable Pakora Recipe which is one of the most popular snacks in Asia. There are many pakoras, Vegetable pakora one of them and it is very tasty and crispy. Vegetarian food lover can make it within 20 minutes.


Mix Vegetable Pakora Recipe

In this video, I have shown you how to cook mix veg pakora in an easy way. Also, you can get all the ingredients from the local market easily.

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1. Sliced potato ——————————————————- 1cup
2. Sliced Carrot ——————————————————- 1/2cup
3. Sliced Cabbage —————————————————– 1/2cup
4. Sliced onion ——————————————————– 1/2cup
5. Green peas ——————————————————— 1/4cup
6. Chopped green chili ———————————————— 3pcs
7. Chopped coriander ————————————————- 1/4cup
8. Garlic, Ginger & cumin paste ————————————– 1Tbs
9. Panch poron powder ———————————————— 1/2tsp
10 Rice Flour ——————————————————— 1cup
11. Gram Flour ——————————————————– 1/2cup
12. Salt —————————————————————According to taste
13. Turmeric powder ————————————————– 1tsp
14. Red chili powder ————————————————– 1tsp



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