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10 July, 2018

Chinese Chicken Curry

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Chinese Chicken Curry | Bengali Chinese Chicken Curry

Many of you want to make restaurant style Chinese chicken curry, but you can’t make like that chicken curry. Today, I would like to make Chinese Restaurant style chicken curry.

Chinese Chicken Curry is a better taste than our normal chicken curry. In this recipe, I have used chicken(small pieces), red onion, red and green capsicum. I think if you try to make this recipe in your kitchen, you will get the best result in taste. But don’t skip any ingredient.

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Cooking Method:

Step: 1

SLIngredient NameQuantity
2Crushed Black Pepper1/2 tsp
3Saltto taste
4Corn Flour2Tbs

Now mix well. Fry all the chicken with medium-low heat. And fry until golden brown not overcooked.

Step: 2

SLIngredient NameQuantity
1Garlic Paste1tsp
2Ginger Paste1tsp
3Cumin Paste1tsp
4Red chilli powder2tsp
5Saltto taste
7Tomato Sauce3Tbs
8Chopped Capsicum1cup
9Chopped Onion1/2cup
10Chopped Tomato1/2cup
11Soya sauce2Tbs
12White Vinegar1Tbs

1. Corn Flour ————————————————————— 1Tbs
2. Water ——————————————————————— 1cup

Chinese Chicken Curry

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